Kids and Coffee

More and more children and teenagers than ever before are drinking coffee. Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in coffee, tea, chocolate, and other food and drinks. Caffeine is defined as a drug because it stimulates the central nervous system. It's wise to keep caffeine consumption to a minimum, especially in younger kids. Here’s why:


  • Children need at least eleven hours of sleep per day, and teenagers need nine to ten hours. Coffee is a stimulant and can last in the body for up to eight hours, this can cause insomnia in some kids.

  • Coffee is acidic and can cause cavities and a decrease in tooth enamel.

  • Children need a balanced diet with lots of nutrition. Coffee is an appetite suppressant, which could make children eat less and miss out on essential proteins, nutrients and minerals needed for growth.

  • Caffeine is a diuretic that causes the body to eliminate water (through peeing), which may contribute to dehydration.

  • Caffeine can make heart problems or nervous disorders worse, and some kids might not know that they're at risk.

  • As coffee is a hyper-stimulant, it can cause hyperactivity, restlessness and inability to concentrate.


“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”
— Winston Churchill...

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Winston Churchill