• The clementine is a member of the Mandarin orange family.

  • It is a cross between the tangerine and the Seville orange.

  • Clementines have been called the crown jewel of the citrus world

  • These tiny bright orange fruits are known for their sweetness and their bright orange color.

  • Clementines are one of the few varieties of citrus fruits that are seedless.

  • Because they are seedless and easy to peel Clementine's are the ideal citrus fruit for kids who are just learning how to eat on their own.

  • Clementine oranges are a good source of vitamin C, fiber, folate, thiamin and potassium.

  • There are about 35 calories in a Clementine, and they contain about 7 grams of sugars.

  • Clementines have no cholesterol, fat or sodium.

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