Delivery Options & Fees

ORDERS OVER R300 (to main towns and cities) - FREE DELIVERY

Online shopping solutions often have the challenge of balancing the convenience of having a home (or work) delivery against the additional cost involved in having that service performed.

We have NO minimum order but we do charge a delivery fee for orders under R300. Orders (to main cities and towns) over R300 do not attract a delivery fee. So, that way if you chose to order a R30 item, you could have it delivererd to your door, for under R80.

The way we have structured our delivery fees, the service providers and the speed of the service has been with ease of use and convenience in mind. We don't always get it perfectly right, but we keep on learning and improving. If there are options or services that we haven't considered, please make some suggestions here or drop us an email or call. We are eager to offer great service and will consider all reasonable comments made (no drone deliveries yet!!)

We use two service providers; Fastway (for most deliveries) - Johannesburg area usually same day or overnight - Main centres usually overnight but may take a day extra eg CapeTown, Regional centres usually take 2 to 3 days eg Hermanus, Outlying areas, our customers don't normally make use of Fastway for these areas, but thge option is your, just select the Fastway Outlying area surcharge. Post Office (for most out of town orders or where it's not convenient for a home delivery) - the old-fashioned "snail mail". It is actually quite a lot quicker than you might think - usually about 4 days.

Surcharges . We offer two additional delivery services PostNet counter service - where home delivery isn't convenient and you don't mind paying a little extra for the convenience. Usually goes overnight but may take up to 3 days. There does need to be a PostNet branch in your area, and you must be willing to collect from their counter. We charge an additional R50 for this option, and Fastway Outlying service, where home delivery is what you want, but you live in an outlying area and you don't mind paying a extra for the convenience. We charge an additional R100 for this option.

The services, costs and areas covered by these providers differ greatly. We have tried to cover most eventualities, but it comes down to two main factors, location (ie where about in the country you live and/or work) and order value (how much you purchase at one time).

Summary - the explanation may seem a little long-winded, so we have created an easy to read summary.

Order UNDER R300 - R50 delivery fee
Main Centre (Fastway/PostOffice)
Regional Centre (Fastway/PostOffice)
Outlying Area (PostOffice)

Order OVER R300 - FREE delivery
Main Centre (Fastway/PostOffice)
Regional Centre (Fastway/PostOffice)
Outlying Area (PostOffice)

PostNet Counter service R50
Fastway Outlying service R100